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The Importance of Keeping Your Dryer Vents Clean



According to the National Fire Protection agency (NFPA), more than 16,800 structural fires involving clothes dryers were reported in just 2010 alone. This resulted in extreme property loss, dozens of deaths and hundreds of injuries—all of which could have been prevented. In order to maintain a safe environment for your family and your business, professional dryer vent cleaning is an essential maintenance service.

Fairway Appliance has qualifed technicians that can remove a build up of lint and debris from all areas of your dryer’s venting system by using special tools and cleaning equipment. Depending on how often you use your dryer, you may need to schedule a few dryer vent inspections and cleanings throughtout the year, or just once annually. Call us today to schedule your prefessional maintenace service! 

Kelowna News

Kelowna News

Laundry room fire does damage


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A fire in a laundry room has done $1,500 worth of damage.

The Kelowna Fire Department responded to a fire at the 400 block of Sutton Crescent just before 3 p.m. Monday.

Assistant fire chief, Thomas Doherty, says the fire was in a laundry room and contained to the dryer unit.

“The cause of the fire was determined to be an electrical short within the dryer. No injuries were reported. Damage is estimated at approximately $1,500” says Doherty.

He says the Kelowna Fire Department would like to remind the public to exercise caution when performing maintenance on energized electrical equipment and to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.